Title: Air Hydraulic Jack Instructions for Use
Air Hydraulic Jack is a common mechanical tool primarily used to lift and support heavy vehicles. This article will provide you with instructions for using the Air Hydraulic Jack to ensure that you can operate the device safely and efficiently.
Step 1: Inspection and preparation
Ensure that the work area is flat and stable, and there is sufficient space to accommodate Jack’s range of motion.
Check and ensure that Jack’s air supply connection is good, and prepare compressed air or air supply equipment in advance.
Check if Jack’s work panel, piston, oil tank, and other parts are clean and dust-free, and clean and lubricate them as needed.
Step 2: Determine the location of use
Select a suitable position to place Jack according to the needs, ensuring that it can come into contact with the correct support points of the lifted vehicle.
If necessary, place appropriate supports (such as wheel pads or wooden boards) under the vehicle to increase stability.
Step 3: Operate Jack
Turn on the air supply and adjust the control valve on Jack to ensure that the air pressure is stable within the appropriate range.
Gently place the Jack base on the support point and ensure it is firmly in contact.
Slowly open the control valve to allow compressed air to enter Jack’s interior. You will hear Jack start operating and the vehicle gradually lifts.
When the required height is reached, close the control valve to stop Jack’s lifting action.
Step 4: Vehicle Support and Safety
Once the vehicle is lifted to the required height, use appropriate support devices (such as jack stands or support rods) to stabilize the vehicle to prevent accidental descent and injury.
Before carrying out any work that requires personnel to be under the vehicle, it is essential to ensure that the vehicle is stable and free from danger.
Step 5: Lower and store Jack
Open the control valve and gradually release compressed air, allowing Jack to slowly lower. Ensure that no personnel or items are located below Jack.
After Jack completely lowers and leaves the vehicle, turn off the air supply and store Jack in a dry, clean place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
Before using the Air Hydraulic Jack, please carefully read and understand the user manual to ensure correct operation.
Avoid exceeding Jack’s rated load to prevent equipment damage or accidents.
Regularly check Jack’s working condition and lubrication, and carry out necessary maintenance and upkeep.
If any abnormalities or malfunctions are found, please immediately stop using and seek professional assistance.
The correct and safe use of Air Hydraulic Jack is key to ensuring smooth vehicle repair and maintenance work. By following the instructions provided in this article, you can maximize Jack’s functionality and ensure your own safety. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please consult relevant professionals or manufacturers.

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