When it comes to working on large vehicles like trucks, buses, and engineering equipment, specialized tools are needed. These truck repair tools are engineered to handle the rigorous demands of intricate and heavy-duty work, offering more strength and durability than your standard automotive tools.

What Jingji Technologies offers

Jingji Technologies provides a diverse array of truck repair tools suited for various applications:

⦁ 3-segment pneumatic jack – We offer these truck repair tools in various capacities, ranging from 30T to 120 T. Each jack is divided into an upper and lower section with different weight capacities.

⦁ Air hydraulic bottle jack – This jack is best for lifting heavy machinery, construction equipment, and agricultural vehicles.

⦁ Air hydraulic jack – This jack is excellent for truck maintenance and tire replacement. It also has upper and lower sections with differing weight capacities.

⦁ Air-type tire changer machine – This semi-automatic machine is powered by air pressure between 0.8-1.2mpa. It’s suitable for changing tires on trucks and agricultural, industrial, and construction equipment. The machine is compatible with tire sizes R16, R17.5-19.5, and R22.5.

⦁ Cylinder puller – This specialized tool is used for safely and efficiently removing cylinders from engines and other machinery.

⦁ Electric type tire changer machine – Another semi-automatic machine, this one is electrically powered and can work on 220V or 380V. It’s designed for mounting and demounting tires on various types of heavy equipment, compatible with tire sizes R16, R17.5-19.5, and R22.5.

⦁ European style jack – This air jack comes in capacities of 22T, 30T, and 50T. It has four springs that help control the descent of the cylinder. The lifting height varies based on the jack’s capacity, ranging from a minimum of 263mm to a maximum of 538mm.

⦁ Hydraulic air high jack – This jack is good for heavy-duty truck repairs, tire changes, and general garage use. It comes in various capacities, from 30T to 120 T. The jack also has built-in safety features and meets CE standards.

⦁ Hydraulic porta power jack – This portable hydraulic jack is versatile and good for lifting, pushing, and pulling objects, as well as bending metal. It meets CE standards for quality and includes a built-in safety valve for overload protection.

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For all your needs in truck repair tools, Jingji Technologies is a reliable source. Our products meet the CE requirements of TUV and come with built-in safety features. With a large inventory, we offer flexible delivery times and a one-year warranty. Custom OEM services are also available. Feel free to send inquiries anytime.

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