Hebei Jingji Lifting Technology Co., Ltd. has about 20 years experience in produce Air Hydraulic Jack , bottle jack , floor jack&Tire Changer machine, air compressor, Truck Tire stacker, Tire Lifter , , air impact wrench, Tire Bead Seater, brake shoe riveting machine, truck brake lining remover, truck bearing cleaning machine, truck bearing oil machine, engine shop crane, etc.

Having a real certified factory that supports OEM/ODM

Donglv Township, Qingyuan District, Baoding City, Hebei Province

Call us: +86 17330212906

Users testimonials

bery fast lift. and no noise. quiet when use it. so satisfied. I will buy again next time.

alcalay barak

very stable quality. I like this product. so beautiful and shining. the sales is very good service. fast delivery. 50pcs finish production in 3 days.

Melissa Green

His products are great, the service is very good, and he is very friendly to me. He is good at improving the quality and ensuring my delivery time

Sam Lewis

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With 15 years of experience in foreign trade and deep research in the market and products, you have a better understanding of the market,
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Tomas Zhang
Tomas Zhang
With nearly 15 years of production experience, familiar with automotive repair products