Air hydraulic jacks are essential tools in supply vehicles and buses due to their unique advantages and suitability for heavy lifting tasks. They are often used in supply vehicles for tasks such as changing tires, routine maintenance, or for loading and unloading goods. Their high lifting capacity and safety features make them an ideal choice for these applications.

Similarly, buses often require lifting for maintenance tasks, tire replacements, or undercarriage inspections. An air hydraulic jack can easily lift these large vehicles, ensuring that maintenance and inspections can be performed safely and efficiently.

The benefits of using air hydraulic jacks

⦁ Smooth, accurate control during lifting and lowering – Air hydraulic jacks use compressed air to activate a hydraulic pump, which in turn offers smooth and precise control when lifting or lowering loads.

⦁ High lifting capabilities – The air hydraulic jack is designed to handle substantial weight, making it the perfect tool for lifting supply vehicles and buses that have heavy loads.

⦁ Easily portable and versatile – Despite their high lifting capacity, these jacks are relatively lightweight, allowing for easy transportation and flexibility to use in various locations.

⦁ Advanced safety features – Air hydraulic jacks come equipped with an array of safety features, including overload protection and pressure relief valves, making them a secure choice for any lifting operation.

The unique benefits of an air hydraulic bottle jack

Air hydraulic bottle jacks are a more compact version of the conventional air hydraulic jack, specifically designed for easy transportation and use in confined spaces. They are generally lighter but offer slightly lower lifting capacities due to a smaller hydraulic ram.

Despite their lower lifting capacity, air hydraulic bottle jacks remain a popular choice for heavy-duty machinery, industrial construction equipment, and farm vehicles, thanks to their compact design and ease of use.

Where to order air hydraulic bottle jacks

Do you need air hydraulic jacks or air hydraulic bottle jacks? No matter your requirements, you can count on Jingji Technologies. Our hydraulic air jacks come with built-in safety valves for overload protection and a one-year warranty. Whether you require a few units or a large shipment, Jingji Technologies can accommodate your needs with a quick turnaround time of 7 to 10 days for larger orders. We also offer OEM services, allowing customization of logos, colors, and packaging to suit your specific needs.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your lifting solution requirements.

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