Air jack


Hydraulic air jack is ideal for truck repair, tire change and garage use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Capacity:

We have different capacity to choose, from medium tonnage to large tonnage, including 30 ton, 50 ton, 60 ton, 80 ton , 100 ton and 120 ton. It have two sections: upper section and lower section.They are different in load bearing. Take the 120T for example, the lower section’ load bearing is 120T, the upper section’ load bearing is 60T. That is, when you lifting the upper section up, the height become higher, but the load bearing become halved.

Lifting Height:

Different capacity owns different lifting height, the bigger the capacity, the higher the lifting. The Min. Lifting height is 160mm, Max. Height is 400mm.


Gripper: It have two grippers at both front and rear, easy to carry, after fold up the long handle rod, just one person can carry and operate, so it is very labor-saving.

Wheel: they are made of rubber. When moving the machine, it can reduce the friction drag and move smoothly.

Switch: it is automatic and multi-position one. When stop working, just turn the switch to right, the machine can stop. It have three gears, controlling lift fall and stop.

Separator: adjustable high pressure oil-water separator, it can ensure separate moisture from oil quickly and safely.

Pipeline: different color pipeline design, clear pipeline, steel wire protection, more stable and durable.


Besides, we have two types of the air jack, the ordinary type and the chromed type. Can you guess which one is the chromed type? Yes, the bright surface one. You can see here, the surface of the cylinder is more bright than the ordinary. Because chromium plating is corrosion resistance and durable of the cylinder, so it can prolong the life of the product.

Customized service:

Package: The package is wooden case, then packed on pallet. Wooden case can protect the air jack against rain, moisture, rust and dust, and can provide all-round protection to the machine. So even long distance transportation, you don’t worry about the product damage.

Color&Logo: We can offer color, logo of the jack as your requirements.


Our hydraulic air jack’s quality meet CE requirements from TUV. And built-in safety valve provides overload protection.

Attention: Keep away from vehicles and do not drill under truck.

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